Human Resources Management Project

Increasing the quality of human resources management in DD

DD has undergone major changes over the past three years, mainly due to the pandemic – a change in the main source of income, changes in almost all administrative systems (financial management, accounting, office, IT, communication), formation of staff with a completely new profile, etc. Today, we have reached a new situation where an increase in the volume and impact of activities is expected, but in order to realize this, there must be a leap in development in the management of people (HR). 

Managing, developing, and creating development opportunities simultaneously for volunteers and employees with a new profile is a complex challenge that we are undertaking in this project in cooperation with a development expert and external trainers. To do this, we will conduct an internal development program for our team leaders as well as develop new HR management systems to improve our processes. 

The size of the grant is 24 847€

What we plan to do?

The goal of the project is to reach a higher level of human resources management in order to operate more professionally, effectively and on a larger scale. To achieve this, we are going to develop both our leaders and our systems. 

Our leaders

We create a development program for our current and future leaders where we advance basic management skills and learn coaching under the supervision of Signe Vesso. This allows us to better manage our people and guide their development.

Our systems

In order not to forget the acquired knowledge and skills, we develop a coaching system and a manual for the annual development program for our team leaders. In addition, we establish an improved strategy for recruiting employees.



Signe Vesso trained our current and future leaders on coaching topics. After that, we practiced the acquired coaching skills independently. Based on this, we developed the principles of the DD coaching system in cooperation with our development expert.


Thanks to the trainings and workshops, we have created an initial version of our internal coaching system, including detailed instructions for implementation, supporting worksheets, and a toolbox of coaching methods.


Triin Mirjam Tark

Project manager

triin (at)

Triin is the head of Human Resources in DD and the manager of this project.