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A free, year-long development program for students.

Training the next generation of changemakers

DD Academy is our main societal program, working every day to train young people in Estonia and Latvia and help them became the best versions of themselves.

Our program consists of four big courses, that take place throughout the year and which all participants go through – Developing Yourself, Understanding the World, Changing the World and Open Society. 

Most of what we do is practical in essence – we don’t have lectures – instead, we have workshops, simulations, skill practicing and trying things out in the real world.

The most important part of the program are the 9 challenges that pull young people out of their comfort zone, test them and give them practical experiences.

Main principles

We aim to develop the best youth development program on the planet. We’re not there yet, but these are the principles we’ve laid to get us there one day.

No-one left behind

We believe everybody can become a leader, they just need the right kind of push to get there.​​

Digital is good​

All the content of the program is digital and gamified so that it would be exciting to go through.​​

Physical is better​

The real learning and understanding happens at our live sessions and through the real-world challenges.​

Contact us

Triin Mirjam Tark

Head of DD Academy

triin (at) ddacademy.net

DD Academy works with NGOs who would like to have a team of bright students use design thinking methods to learn about them and suggest ways of improving their organisation.

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Hours of program

Our happy alumni

The program gives a great boost to see the world and yourself under a new and interesting angle. This program creates so many positive changes in you that it will be noticed by other people around you as well.
It's a meeting point of people who want to learn, develop and are also interested in the world and want to make a change. I took with me network of people with whom I can do great things together.

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