About us

The Foundation

The Foundation for Science and Liberal Arts Domus Dorpatensis is a private, non-profit and non-governmental social enterprise based in Estonia.

We work mainly with young people and NGOs, but also with government institutions, startups and businesses. This gives us a very broad perspective of the society.

We fulfill our mission with the DD Academy program for students and with DD StratLab consultancy services for mission-driven organizations. Our building in Tartu helps us to finance our mission-based work.

Our principles

On our road to creating a world-wide network of DD Academy programs, financed and developed by the experiences of DD StratLab growing the impact of mission-based organisations – we follow some guiding ideas…

We care, a lot

Our heart is in what we do. We have hope for the world and the humanity. We put in 110% of ourselves to realise that hope.

We are strategic

We combine our hope with evidence-based strategic thinking, leadership skills and a complex understanding of the world.

We do it together

We believe in teams and communities. We also believe in being human, having a laugh and caring about each other.

Our History

The Foundation was founded in 2002 by Alexander von Rücker (professor at Bonn University), Mr Jenik Radon (professor at Columbia University) and Mr Nils Hollberg (president of the Society for the Restoration of Baltic Historical Buildings).

Our building resides right beside the Town Hall. The oldest part of the stone house, built before 1755, has still preserved its mansard roof and baroque roof-windows. The building takes additional architectural value in the fact that it was not damaged in World War II and has alone in the vicinity of the Town Hall preserved its historical authenticity.

Meet our people

Our leadership, employees and volunteers.