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DD Foundation

Enabling the Future

By growing the impact of changemaking organizations and people.

A non-profit foundation supporting your change

The goal of the Domus Dorpatensis Foundation is to enable the development of science, culture and society – to help the world change.

We do it, because change is hard. Too much of it too fast will result in painful reactions of political disarray. Too little and too slow will leave a society behind and unable to adapt. We aim to help changemakers strike the right balance.

Based in Tartu, Estonia at one of the oldest buildings in the city we train university students in DD Academy to become changemakers of the future and grow the impact of changemaking organizations with DD StratLab.

Our mission

Building institutionsA separation of powers to enable ideological pluralism. that enable
Create and discover through culture and science.humanity to flourish.

The aim of everything we do is to achieve a vision of humanity being free to create and discover – expand its horizons through science and culture. This is why we train the next generation of changemakers and why we grow the impact of mission-driven organizations.

Our offices


We are situated at one of the oldest buildings in the town square of Tartu.

This is where we work, train and build the future. We have our own offices, meeting rooms, seminar and conference rooms and a co-working space for nonprofits and youth organizations.

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